Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are a highly popular tooth restoration method. Mini implants are a newer procedure designed to solve many of the dental implants’ shortcomings. Smaller than a traditional implant, a mini implant is also known as MDI (mini dental implants) or small dental implants (SDI). They are made out of the same material as traditional implants, titanium. The surface which comes into contact with the bone contains or is sprayed with calcium phosphate to encourage bone growth.

Traditional dental implants vs. mini dental implants

While made of the same material and for the same purpose, the two types of dental implants present a variety of differences, the most notable one being their size. Traditional dental implants are 3.7mm in diameter and can be even wider, depending on the patient’s needs – while mini implants are under 3.0mm in diameters.

Another significant difference between the two implants is that the traditional implants can only be used on the healthy and sufficient jawbone. Patients with receding bone may need to undergo surgery for bone addition. Mini dental implants can be used on receding bones and, due to their size, they can be positioned in areas where traditional implants would not even fit.

Last, but not least, mini dental implants can be installed in one sitting. The titanium implant has a small O-ring attached on the top which remains outside the gum. The O-ring supports the bridge or the denture, which can be put in a position immediately after the implant has been secured.

Advantages of mini dental implants:

  • One-sitting treatment
  • Reduced size which decreases discomfort
  • Available for patients with a receded jawbone, without the addition of further bone
  • No need for adhesive substances
  • Reduced cost, thus available to a broader public

Mini implants are a good option for people with receding bone, as well as for people who want a fast and affordable solution to keep their denture in place. The implants are also great for bridges and crowns, especially if you are not ready to go through the three-session procedure for traditional implants. Contact us today at Quality Dental Care to know if you qualify for the mini dental implants in New Hyde Park.

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