Dental Implants

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from the things you love like your favorite meal or even smiling. Having a missing tooth especially when it’s visible when you open your mouth, leaves us feeling self-cautious at the best of times, and can negatively affect your gums and other teeth.

You may find yourself avoiding social settings or coming up with excuses why you can’t go out for dinner with your friends. At Quality Dental Care, we have the solution. Smile with confidence and order your favorite meal once again with the help of our dental implant services.

Are Dental Implants for You?

Eat and smile with confidence without the worry that your teeth may slip out or fall out. Dental implants look and feel like your teeth and are designed to fuse with existing bone to function like they are your own. We leave all of your other teeth intact and do not alter them to support the implant. This improves your long-term oral health.

Individual implants also allow easier access during scheduled teeth cleaning for improving oral hygiene. When you lose teeth, your bone mass in your jaw decreases as it needs the stimulation from your teeth to maintain its mass. Dental implants are designed to replace your jaw bone stimulation preventing bone loss.

Checkups for annual cleanings and scalings are essential for the maintenance of good oral health. As well regular dental visits are also necessary when you receive your implants so your dentist can make sure that your bite is correct and that your implants are tight.

Who qualifies for dental implants is dependent on your general health, gums, and if you have enough jawbone to hold the implant. Retain healthy gums through our gum treatment program is an excellent way of maintaining good oral health. Some of the advantages to dental implants include:

• Improving Appearance
• Improving Speech
• Improving Comfort
• Enhancing Your Ability to Chew for Easier Eating
• Improving Self-Esteem
• Improving Oral Health
• Protecting Your Teeth and Jawbone
• Reduced Risk of Periodontal Disease
• Dental Implants Lasts a Lifetime

Contact us at Quality Dental Care for more information on how our dental implants can benefit you. We proudly serve New Hyde Park, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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Serving New Hyde Park, we also serve Mineola, Bellerose, Garden City, Garden City Park, Stuart Manor, Franklin Square, Floral Park, North New Hyde Park, Manhasset, Great Neck, Little Neck, Richmond Hills, Elmont, Hempsted and other nearby areas of Long Island, New York.